Helping My Dad

It is 2:30 am and I am still up, but headed to bed. I have been up the last few nights working on improving my dad’s website for his bed and breakfast. I do not know if I am doing any good, but I have definitely put in a lot of hours. I just pray that it was not a waste of my time and pleases him. I have so many photos that I am able to share on his blog. The bed and breakfast has been a great place to visit and have fun and hope that many more will enjoy it.

I have sadly neglected my blog with all my focus on his website. I hope that the days of school being called out for the kids is over (no more snow and ice please) will give me more time to blog and get organized. I have a mile long to-do list that needs some whacking at and just feeling a bit overwhelmed with so much effort in and no income coming. I am considering going back and pursuing a degree in Communications. my degree in Nursing has been fairly useless getting a job with the hospitals going magnet in my area.

Anyway, really in need of some stress relief and thinking to justify a lil’ spoiling me time so I do not run myself into the mud and get depressed. Maybe a mani or pedi, or both. I have never had either. It will be a relaxing treat for me. Maybe I will do it with my daughter as a “Welcome to Womanhood” celebration and make a day of it, with a lunch. Just a thought or two.

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