Ten Things I Love About Islam

This is not the Islam you see on Fox News nor what some narrow minded Muslims follow from their interpretations; not cultural Islam… this is the REAL Islam found in the Quran and Sunnah (the way of our Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him). If you are curious to learn more check out Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Yahya Rhodus, Al GhazaliZaytuna College, Sandala and Seekers Guidance. There are more wonderful lectures on youtube too.

1. Islam is a feminist religion. (Before you bellyache, read on)

2. Women are given the right for divorce.

3. Women are given right to own property.

4. Women have the right to voice their opinion.

5. Women are given a mahr (dowry paid to the woman, not her family).

6. Women are given the right to participate in war.

7. Women are given the right to choose her husband.

8. Women are encouraged to get her education.

9. Women are equal to men in God’s eyes.

10. Science and faith are compatible.


4 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love About Islam

  1. Human trafficking,honor killing ,man can divorce his wife,woman can not,Harem.Stone the adulterer man and woman,force marriage.A man is equal to 2 women.A man inherits 1 1/2 more than a woman.Woman can not travel alone.Woman can not vote.Gay and lesbian are illicit.Women are forbidden to drive a car.A man can marry 4 women and divorce and marry again and again and again and again.

    1. Perhaps you did not read what I said at the beginning… this is not the cultural Islam that has pervaded our world. I am a Sufi, not a blind follower of culture that claims to be faith. I see that you lived in Baghdad once upon a time and I am sure that you had far different experiences than I have had. I appreciate that you like the idea of “l like to treat the others as l want them to treat me.” However, I am left to question if you like to be lamblasted and berated for your beliefs, if that is the case then you will have to find someone else to treat you that way in which you treated me. See I come from a multifaith, open minded, love-to-all family and was raised to accept everyone with their differences. So, please understand that those things you mentioned are from the culture that has misinterpreted the Quran much like the KKK here misinterpret the Bible.

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