Pinstriped Suit Dress

I graduated Nursing school last year and passed my NCLEX exam in late October of last year. I then went a job hunting, which has yet to turn up any opportunities for me. However, one day my sister called me and said her company was having a job fair and to get there pronto. Only one thing, I did not have anything to wear. I am one of those women who are guilty of not taking care of themselves; bottom of the list behind five children and Mr. Current. Needless to say, I did not attend because I figured me showing up in blue jeans would not get me hired.

After that, I made sure I had something to wear for an interview or job fair. I found a dollar per yard fabric at WalMart that would work. I nice navy blue pinstripe. I decided on an abaya/dress… no sense in trying to fool them into thinking I am not who I am. I made it with a dress shirt style collar and cuffs. It has inseam pockets so it is smooth but I have a place to stash my keys. I made it to fit in the bust and then A-line out from there to give it a nice flow. I have not been able to wear it to a job interview nor a job fair, but it came in handy for a funeral and looks great with my combat boots. I am still playing with hijab ideas to go with it… oh decisions, decisions, decisions. I will post a complete look once I decide upon that.


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