Bowen Farm Bed & Breakfast

My dad inherited a portion of the family farm in Bowen, Kentucky (yes namesaked for our ancestors). He got the old tobacco barn that was built about 200 years ago and then started taking down old barns in other people’s farms in exchange for the wood he salvaged. He expanded his quest to taking down old general stores and apothecaries. The barn got fat with wood, fireplaces, doors, cabinets, and antiques.

When my dad completed his second bicycle trip across America (14,000 miles; his first one @23 and second @63 years of age), he came home and delved into his hoard of recycled wood and other great finds. He built his beautiful three bedroom, three full baths, one half bath and double full length porches. In the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Holidays, his house would be full with his daughters, grandchildren, in-laws and friends… our family getaway.

Time changes things and life happens. So, my dad decided to finish the apartment he created on one side of the barn and turn his home into a bed and breakfast. He opened his home to the world this past July and in just seven months he has had innumerous guests, a few retreats and three weddings scheduled (which is the idyllic place to have such a day). We still get to have our time there to relax, laugh, and catch up with our family, but we are happy that our dad has been able to live out one more of his dreams… take another swipe at the bucket list.

If you are looking for a great place to get away from the city, or assemble a retreat, or convene your wedding; this is the place. The homestead is picturesque. The surrounding area is home to the Red River Gorge, hiking, rappelling, ziplining, and exploring… the land and the warm-hearted people. You would be amazed at what you will find and learn.

As for the Bed and Breakfast, I think a tour through photos would best say what I cannot. I will add one thing though, my dad is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, etc. friendly. He understands the special dietary requirements of various cultures and religions. Please visit my dad’s bed and breakfast website for contact information. You can also find him on Facebook.



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