Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

Yesterday, our schools and colleges were on early dismissal due to a nasty mess of wintry weather. However, The Brown Theater did not cancel the concert my sister and I were so stoked to attend. Come snow, ice and freezing rain; nothing could keep us from seeing Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, and the Glory Band. It was such an incredible experience to hear these talented musicians live and in such a beautiful theater.


I love Bluegrass music and some country. I say some country because despite what some people think, there are many clusters within the genre of country music. Some is hokey. Others are boozing, popish/mainstream, southern, rockabilly or southwestern. I found Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell were a nice blend of Southwestern/TexMex and Rockabilly.

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

The energy from the band was incredible! The electric guitarist, with his teal blue and white guitar that gave a sound reminiscent of Johnny Guitar Watson’s Three Hours Past Midnight. The pianist/accordionist dancing with his fingers across the keys. The bass player strumming the depth and soul into the songs. The drummer pocketing the beat seamlessly. The steel pedal guitarist plucking the necks that added a flare of antiquity. The earthly beautiful Emmylou Harris and ruggedly handsome Rodney Crowell have such an intoxicating chemistry that makes you feel every song in the most inner chambers of your heart.

As much as the music was perfect, the atmosphere made it even more enjoyable. The Brown Theater was fabulously refurbished in 1997 to its 1925 glory. The ornate columns and wood inlay with the elaborate chandeliers and story high mirrors gave the sense of transportation to another time… one of a cracker-barrel and candid way of life; much like the music. As I sat listening to the melodies,they took me back to my time in Arizona.


Each strum, note and vocal triggered a memory; memories of living in the desert, driving down the dusty roads lined with cowboy ranches, the sun baking my face and the view of the stars and city lights twinkling in the distance when hiking at night. In Arizona, I learned love hurts and how strong I really am. My first marriage ended there, my new found confidence grew there, and my relationship with God became more concrete.

Emmylou ended the show by bringing her shelter rescued dogs on stage. It was great that she took the opportunity to help organizations nationwide that try to care for unwanted pets. She made a plea that if anyone was in need of an animal companion to visit our nearest animal shelter and rescue a pet… in our compassion to rescue an animal, we get unconditional love.

I thank my sister for taking me last night to the concert. I am not the music aficionado my younger sister is but I do love good music. I appreciate the relaxation, recollections and radiant vitality that I get from music.

I have shared a few videos of their songs that I thoroughly enjoyed last night. Thank you Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell and Glory Band for such a fantastic show last night.


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