Tichel Hijab

I was looking for new ways to wear hijab because as I age, I do not like my neck covered… suffocating. I found some great links to what Orthodox Jewish women call Tichels, which as far as I understand is the same meaning as hijab as we use it. I found a great and personable Jewish woman at www.rivkamalka.com. She has videos galore on how to tie tichels from regular scarves. I found another gem from her page about the “holy feminine energy.” Absolutely beautiful!!

She is now working with another woman, Andrea Ginsberg, at www.wrapunzel.com (is that not the best ever domain name for hijabs, tichels, headcoverings?) So, I learned alot about tying tichels/hijabs. I also learned about what they call an “apron-style” tichel. It is called so by the way it is designed. I took a stab at it and made one. Not bad for going by sight to figure the pattern. I made my ties too wide, but will try to rip seams and adjust later on.


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