A Bucket List I Need To Start On Pronto

blizzard 1978
Shawna, Me, Dad and Natalie

The best bucket list ever… The (Almost) Ultimate Louisville Bucket List is one I fell instantly in love when I read it.

I have toured the 21 C art museum here (gotta literally “see” the men’s bathroom) and was gifted a stay at the 21 C Hotel in Cincinnati… incredibly awesome getaway.

I have not toured the Bourbon Trail… no need to, I lived in Bardstown where you woke at sunrise to the smell of sour mash.

I have had a hot brown, but not at the Brown Hotel, although I have stayed there…with a caravan of Belgian Steltenlopers (stiltwalkers).

I have been to Waverly Hills, but then again, my Granny Hampton was a resident there.
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I have played with my kids at Central Park, but never there to watch Shakespeare.

I have my livingsocial deal to go to Hillbilly Tea and really excited about that. I have had moonshine up in the hills, and homemade blackberry wine, up in the hills.

I have been a U of L football game; even performed in halftime with the R.O.T.C. program at U of L. I have been to a Bats game and even a River Frogs (ice hockey professional team in Louisville 1995-1998).

I have been to two of the many museums of Museum Row.

I have yet to walk across the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge, but have walked across the frozen Ohio River with my dad in the blizzard of 1978.

I have been to the Kentucky Fair, but never had a Krispy Kreme hamburger… not sure if that is a good idea.

I have been to both theaters with school innumerous times. I do adore the plays they put on… The Glass Menagerie. My favorite plays, quite controversial, debuted here in Louisville in 1883; Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll House.

I will have to wait to go Kentucky Kingdom again; they still have not reopened. However, some of my teen years were spent there on the weekend nights for dancing and even had my honeymoon to my first marriage there.

So, it seems I have made a little dent in the list, hopefully I will complete the list and I am sure I can get at least my younger sister to join.

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