The Highlands

Louisville is chock full of great little extraordinary neighborhoods with the great hotspots to eat, drink and socialize. One such suburb is the Highlands. It lays on the Northern stretch of Bardstown Road. These were my old stomping grounds as a teen who donned a homemade purple mohawk for a day (My mom swiftly took me to the hair salon to have my hair shaved off by Peg Legg… true story). Now as a 40 something Muslimah, I still hang out there as much as possible. It is great to have a place where you are always welcome, no matter what you look like: tattooed and pierced or donning some form of the hijab.

The restaurants as diverse as the UN from Arab to Cuban to Ethiopian. For those who drink, there is the Bambi walk (started by Uncle Glenn Hubbuch in the 70’s) , which is a pub crawl starting at Bambi Bar and stretching three miles to Phoenix Hill. Highlands also boasts art galleries, vintage shops, bookstores and an array of tattoo parlors such as the one from whence I got my lovely Celtic heart. That parlor is under new management and with a new name. So, I could only refer you to the tattoo parlor for my other two tattoos: Tattoo Charlies. Tattoo Charlies is an icon in Louisville.

Other gems you will find in the Highlands is the architecture of the old homes and store fronts as well as the random art.


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