As an unemployed, stay at home momma of five, living in a multicultural family (and all that entails), I have a lot of stress in my life. Sadly, it takes a toll on my relationships with my children. It has a negative affect on my spirit and health and am certain it does the same for my children. I want to break this pattern I am in and be back to whom I once was.

There are so many changes I need to make, but most importantly is learning to cope with the stress in a productive way. I have decided to turn back to something I once did over ten years ago: meditation. Meditation gave me such relief in a really difficult and painful time in my life. I am hoping it will help me again. I started meditating in the line, while waiting to pick up my children from school. I want to make it a permanent part of my morning ritual along with the oil pulling. Here is a great diagram that goes over what meditation is and the benefits of it


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