Recycled Dress In A Pinch

My wonderful younger sister invited me last Fall to a trip out of town. We went to Cincinnati and stayed at the wondrous 21c Hotel and then went to the fantabulous Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby concert and had a blast!

But being me; a mother of five with limited income,I did not have anything to wear to the concert. I started digging through my fabric box. I found an old jean skirt that I never wore with a tear in it. Then scored, from my drawers, a white t-shirt with stains and two turquoise bandannas.

Firstly, I cut the denim skirt down to salvage it. I fashioned the bandannas into sleeves and took the left over and patterned a paisley and patched the hole in the denim fabric. I then took the stained white t-shirt and cut the neck line and added thin elastic. I cut off the sleeves and the lower part of the t-shirt. Finally I put it all together; creating an empire wasted dress with bandanna sleeves and was ready to enjoy hearing Little Maggie.

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