Clean The Machine

I was trying to get some sewing in yesterday; a great lil’ sporty abaya with zippers galore. My machine was making an awful grinding noise, the stitches were jumbled and all around a hot mess of sewing time. I smartly stopped before I ruined my creation.

I have had my machine for a long while, and would pull out dust from time to time, but never bothered to give it a good full cleaning. Now would be the time; or past due. My manual on my machine is of course missing, but thankfully I found the singer manual online in pdf for free (Singer wants you to pay for a download of it). It gives some simple tips, yet not how to do the cleaning mine so desperately needed.

After some research, I found a great youtube video from a fellow seamstress that gives you a step by step instruction on cleaning your machine. You do need a few tools before you start: flat head screwdriver, singer (or your brand) sewing machine oil and a dust brush (or as in the video the can of air). I hope this can help you as it did me, my machine looks and operates great. Now to finish all my projects in the works.


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