TLC’s: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes

I am as guilty as every other woman… put my self at the bottom of the totem pole. I have lost my essence; a stranger to me. I miss me. I know we all grow and change, but I have not grown nor changed into a person that I particularly like. My biggest complaint and challenge is my weight, however, I really believe it is a symptom of other things eating me… relationships, spirituality, being disconnected from my passion and all the stress. I think most times we try to tackle a problem by treating the symptoms, but never getting to the issue. So, yes I do need to exercise and eat better, but my weight is a symptom of the disease that is plaguing me. I have not completely figured what that illness is, but I know that is more than likely not being true to myself. I am a very loyal person, especially to my spouse. However, my former husband and current husband did not want me to be me, but their idea of some unknown woman and I tried to appease them. I sacrificed my heart for them. TLCs I have doing research, which I am expert. I have found a gem of a guide: The TLC’s. The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes mark the eight aspects of life that we could focus on in order to positively change your life. The “eight ways of well being” are as follows: 1) Spirituality and Religion 2) Take Time In Nature 3) Recreation: Do The Things We Love To Do 4) Relaxation and Stress Management 5) Nutrition: Eating Whole Foods 6) Exercise and Activity: Implement Activity Into Your Daily Life 7) Relationships 8) Giving Back: Contribution and Service To Others Click here to go back to the top

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