Twilight and Women

So, at the masjid tonight, I was unable to pray so went to the back room to talk with another sister in my situation. My sweet friend is a Twilight addict. She was hooked way back when (2004) when there were only two books of the series and no movies. I mentioned to her that I finally saw three of the movies…when I actually got to watch television; only because the kids had gone to my Dad’s farm.

In our conversation, I mentioned to her that from watching the movies–not from reading the books–that I felt the Twilight series is a reflection of how women are with men. She agreed to a point, but reminded me I had to see the last two movies… the Breaking Dawn 1 & 2. With that clear (that this is based merely on my viewing the first three movies), let me present my interpretation:

Twilight reflects how we women mistakenly chose the bad boy… the wrong damn man. Edward represents the emotionally cold man who is always distant, as in one of the movies he leaves to live in Rome to give “space” between them. Whereas, Jacob is always close to Bella, never wanting to leave her side. Granted, Edward says he does it for her best interest, but don’t all guys say that.

Choosing Edward means that Bella has to become something other than herself. She cannot be true to herself; she must become what he is. She literally has to die… off her innate nature to become something unnatural. If she chose Jacob, she could be herself, comfortable in her own skin. She does not have to change for him; even her father is friends with his family. Bella would have to give up her family to be with Edward…like so many controlling men.

As any women who have been abused can attest to, with Edward, she get violently attacked (ok I know not by him, but it is symbolism all the same). She is never hurt with Jacob, except of course when she punches him. Which goes to show, we always try to push away the good guys. She fights off what is good for her to sacrifice herself for what is bad for her.

Another thing is the way Edward keeps Bella at a distance. His affection is limited and always on his terms. When she needs the closeness, he rejects her and says he wants to wait… wait until it is convenient for him. Jacob on the other hand, is always ready to give her what she needs emotionally and physically. He is the one that uses his body heat to keep her warm in the snowstorm on the mountain.

Lastly, Edward cannot read Bella’s mind… she is an enigma for him. It is just a game for him and once he solves the riddle of Bella, his interest would fade. Needless to say, when he got bored, he would move on. Jacob on the other hand feels her, no mind reading needed… he gets her. He wants to imprint on her as she has on him; an intimate connection.

Edward is not the right one for her, and she foolishly risks everything to be with him, while Jacob is the best guy…faithfully her friend. I suppose I am jealous of Bella and want to smack her up the head, telling her to be grateful that she has an opportunity to have what I would dream of: a loyal friend, thoughtful companion, and warm blooded lover in a man.


6 thoughts on “Twilight and Women

  1. Lonna! You have it alllll wrong honey. Edward was always Bella’s choice from the beginning. He left her because he wanted to protect her from his dangerous world. Jacob was there for her as always a friend. He wished it was more but came to realize they weren’t meant to be anything more then friends. Jacob never had a chance against Edward. You can never come between destiny. Edward isn’t the “bad boy” and Jacob the “good boy” this doesn’t exist when it comes to true love. As for her leaving her family this never happens. Her family is a part of her life throughout all of the books and movies. Edward isn’t human and the same goes for Jacob. Who ever Bella chose they wouldn’t have been human.
    This series is a wonderful story of true love and destiny that shows us that when you find true love there is nothing that can stop it.
    People need to wait for true love to find them and not go looking for it, then jump into a relationship thinking it will all come together after they are married.
    True love is worth waiting for

    1. Ok Shelley, since you gave yourself away… my dear masjid-weird-conversation buddy!!! I told you that my interpretation was merely based on the three movies I saw, so do not scold me too hard :). As for true love, I would not know…. just like the whole romance novels; not something I would understand. And how long does one have to wait for true love… I am 41, not getting any younger, lol. Love ya sweets and hope to see you at the masjid again.

  2. While situationally, Shelley is correct, I do think you bring up some interesting and valid points from a symbolic perspective. Yes, you will have to finish the series as there is one key event that will change the dynamic between Jacob and Bella. And skillful, beautiful writing, Lonna Jo!!!!

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