A Lesson On Life and Death

I have had a few lessons this Ramadan, death being the most prominent. Today, I had an opportunity to be with someone who is actively dying. It was a quiet day and it left space and time to soak it in and reflect on it.

I watched the woman turn on the t.v. and became engrossed in it until she nodded off and woke to the television again when her respirations rattled her alert. I noted the pursed lips kept covered with red lipstick. She had a way of talking at people, but unable to talk with people. Any attempt to strike a conversation was met with “mmm hmm.”

Indifference and complacency seemed to be the theme of the day. Yes, I know she is dying, yet I have seen others die differently. So my mind contemplated what I was experiencing. I soaked in the moments and tossed them in my mind. After hours of rumination, it clicked. We die the way we live!

This woman lived her life in the television, lacking human connections, and perhaps keeping a sour perspective. Now she was dying the same way. It was a cold wake up for me. I have become stagnate in my life. The thought of just waiting to die gave me a chill. This is not what I want. It is time to awaken, take risks, change the status quo and engage fully in the blessing of life

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