Why Do You Have To Qualify Islam?

Nothing irks me more than consistently seeing someone say “Islam is a religion of peace” or “Islam is complementary of women.” Islam may be those things, but if Muslims are not living with those tenets, then it is a waste of hot air. When you qualify Islam, you are basically saying it is really not like that, but that is what we want you to believe.

If you want people to see how peaceful Islam is, then be a peaceful person. Do not go around calling people kafir (disbeliever) to anyone that does not follow what you follow. Do not go around and insult other Muslims for not being the blind follower like yourself. Do not condone anyone’s ill behavior simply because they are Muslim.

If you want people to see Islam is pro women, accept the fact that a woman’s faith is between her and God alone… no intercessors, especially not her male relatives. Accept that women are intelligent beings, that our importance in society is far greater than you may have realized; consider who actually spreads the culture and religion to the next generations…. the mothers and other womenfolk of families. Most importantly, do not think women are like haircuts…getting a new one when you get bored with the faithful, loyal and loving woman that made you who you are today.

It is commendable that so many Muslims memorize the Quran, however, if you are not living it then you have missed the point of memorizing it. It is like taking a deep breathe but your lungs cannot make the chemical exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide; you are still deprived of the very thing that the deep breath was suppose to give you. What is not realized is that these actions make you the same if not worse than those you bash.

If you want people to know Islam is peaceful, that Islam is complementary of women, or whatever positive thing you want people to know about Islam, step back and look yourself in the mirror and see what message you are really sending about Islam in your behavior. Remember that all the great scholars (who were guided by their moms), were first sent to learn about adab (etiquette) and akhlaq (manners) before being sent to learn Quran and other Islamic knowledge. Adab and akhlaq make up the constitution of a decent person and these are required before gaining knowledge, otherwise, as the Japanese proverb says, “Knowledge without wisdom is a load of books on the back of an ass.”

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