The Silence of Women in History

I understand that this post may very well be upsetting to many because it is not acceptable to question and down right reject some accepted “norms”. So if you do not agree, then please do not comment rudely with insults, use your intellect to respond properly.

Women have long been eliminated from history and most recently it was apparent in a Jewish newspaper that cropped out Hilary Clinton. Sadly, most think that is the extent to this erasure of women from history… just a mere image. However, this deceptive and vindictive process of removing women from history has extended throughout political and religious history.

In Christianity, Mary Magdalene was ascribed the title of repentant whore, when in fact she was a disciple and scholar in her own right. She supported Jesus, peace be upon him, from her own means. In Islam, the accusation of Aisha as being an unfaithful wife to Prophet Mohamed, peace be upon him, runs rampant, although the Quran dismisses these accusations as mere gossip…some continue it and yet others make her out to be a child bride, when in fact she was not. What she was was even more frightening…. a sahabah (disciple) and scholar in her own right. Both women were great teachers to all believer’s of the oneness of God (male and female) and their influence spread throughout the lands. Men who wanted to rule were afraid of the power these women had and degraded them to cheap and lowly women so that they may gain control over the masses.

The one woman that could not be eliminated from history, but nonetheless was degraded in status is Mary, mother of Jesus, peace be upon them. She was more than Jesus mother. Her status was of such greatness before Jesus was put into her womb by God saying “be”. According to the Quran, she was provided with food and drink directly from God and given ease and respect from the community. However, what intrigues me the most is that in Arabic, prophets and angels are prescribed the honor of alayhi salam (upon him peace). Interestingly enough, Mary is also given alayhi salam… so if you mention her name, you say Mary, alayhi salam. Now if you ask Muslims why, they say they do not know. When asked who is given this honor, they will tell you only prophets and angels. So, Mary was not an angel, but a human… leaves one option, she was a prophetess. But, God forbid if you say that to anyone.Shelby

It is utterly ridiculous to think that women had no part in history. Women are the hearth of the home; we are the ones who in fact pass down the culture and the faith to the next generations. To think that women do not have any power in society or religious institutions is to be ignorant. Men are by nature able to focus on one thing at a time, that is why ritualistic practice of religions are easy for them, however women see the larger picture, as well as can focuse on several things at a time, and are deeply spiritual for this reason. Our hands reach further than a man’s in society and we women need to remember this.

All the blotting out of women proves one thing, women are more powerful than we realize. Our capabilities to touch the souls of humankind are greater than those of men. If we stop feeding into the b.s. that our only worth is in how well we conform to society’s standard of beauty, unite and strive to bring our global world back to faith in the creator and love for our fellow humankind, we can change the world.


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