Life In A Blog


I set this blog up some time ago in hopes of writing; one of my desires and dreams. Life, of course, got in the way… nursing school, five kids, marital rifts and pure exhaustion. Then recently, got to thinking… is that not what we write about: life. Here I am at the keyboard, trying to focus on this post while kids run in and out of the house, teen angst heating up and the stifling air of a humid and hot summer-like Spring day. My life is chaotic and random, with a hint of consistency.

I dream of the perfect life and always spending time in introspective thought to find a way to create a more mundane existence. However, this is not how my life was meant to be. It is quite insane and turbulent and yet joyous and calming. I have to credit the later with my beautiful and independent children as well as my innate desire to live a natural and simple life. I rummage through magazines and blogs to learn more about, spirituality, homesteading, natural health and healing… always trying to satisfy the call from my essence… trying to find my reason for being, my worthiness for life and never quite having that aha moment.

I do know some things for certain like that I do believe in the message of Quran, that Sufism is actually quite a feminist faith, that God, the one and only creator is in fact the ultimate source of energy… the light that He is shines through a believing heart. I ask myself continually, What can I do to serve God? How do I make use of the one creator’s blessings on me to affect more positive energy in this world? How do I “live simply so others can simple live”? Always finding new ideas and creating new possibilities, but never quite able to tie it up in a neat package. So, this is my journey to find the extent to which my thoughts create the life I am meant to live.


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