Country Boys

I have been blessed to have been up to my dad’s farm a couple of times this past week and get to go back in a few days. I love it there with the wide open spaces, the mountains and the blue skies. This particular day, I watched my dad, Joe, and his friend, Frank work in the barn. My dad is 70 and Frank is a few years behind at 65. You would not be able to tell by watching them work. I think they are stronger than any 20 something bodybuilder I have ever seen. I realized when I was watching them, what it is that I just do not like about men from the city I live in, including my husband from a far off land…work ethic! Hell, I do not think anyone has work ethic like these two.

It was a hot and humid day, they had been busting their rears since dawn and here as the sun began to set, they spy a possible dangerous situation with the recycled barn wood pile. So they fix it right then and there; sawing a wedge out of a four by six and then pounding it into place and knocking out an old post from the 200 year old barn. Most people my age and younger, would have casted it off ’til the next day or indefinitely thinking that it would never come crashing down on anyone. I just do not see that anymore in anyone in the city and as long as I can remember it has always been that way with the people in the country. I have been blessed to see this work ethic in my Papaw and Dad and even my Mamaw and Aunt Jean and Judy.

When I look at all the factories, especially foreign owned, I realize they put them in the country. Of course there is more space to build big plants, however, the small towns lack the comforts that foreign company owners are use to. So, why would they build their manufacturing plants in the countryside…the hard working people of the country. They know that the work ethic of the people would be most profitable to them than that of the city folk.


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